About The Basilan Library and Technology Center

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Welcome to Basilan Library and Technology Center, Inc. (BLTC)


The BLC is a little gem hidden in the heart of Barangay Sumagdang and a few leisurely strides from the Basilan State College. The BLTC was founded in 2006, and since then it has acquired a 10,000 sq. ft. building site upon which a four building compound has been constructed. The library is housed in one of the buildings.

Since 24 February 2011, the library has been registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission, and its doors officially opened on August 29, 2011, with the attendance, from the local community and students from nearby Basilan State College. In February 2012, BLTC made application, under the banner of "Friends of Basilan Library and Technology Center, Inc.," for private non-profit status with the State of California, USA. This application was approved by the State of California on January 9, 2013. Our goal is to establish partnerships, and encourage both support and connection to a broader world community.

The BLTC has more than 7000 volumes of books ranging from a pre-school reading level to college. The artifacts and furnishings placed in the library have either a cultural, historical and/or an educational meaning, particularly the bronze antiques from Basilan that are displayed in the Civic Center. The adjoining Civic Center building is designed for workshops, seminars or any venue that will serve to assist the local community in advancing education.

Come and browse our shelves of books and take a look at the artifacts collected from countries around the world. Do you want to learn how to use a TI-graphing calculator? If so, you can try your hand on one at our facility by following the manual; or, would you prefer doing some research on one of BLTC's fast internet connected computers? Both are possibilities, so, come and experience the quite, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere of BLTC and all it has to offer.

The mission of the Basilan Library and Technology Center, Inc., and its affiliate in the USA is to inspire the people of Barangay Sumagdang by establishing a library and technology center conducive to the acquisition and exchange of knowledge toward academic growth, cultural understanding, and social progress through the generosity and volunteer commitment of patrons and donors. We are committed to the success of this "project" toward advancing learning and vicarious experiences of all students and adult members of Barangay Sumagdang community in particular and the Province of Basilan, in general.
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